Phil Sargent
For Carl (2002)

Phil Sargent (guitar)
Sean Berry (tenor saxophone)
Scott Grant (trombone)
Jeremy Hill (acoustic bass)
Tim Webb (acoustic bass)
Mike Connors (drums)

1. Final Truth
2. Iridescence
3. Paco’s Dream
4. Disarray
5. For Carl
6. The Closet
7. Prelude
8. Sari

Analog Method
Night Rider (2004)

Dan Shure (keyboards)
Sean Berry (saxophone)
Mike Walsh (drums)
Jason Yost (guitar)
Chris Beam (bass)

1. Three…
2. Sum
3. One Night Stand
4. Booby Trap
5. Pants
6. Sofa King
7. Thugs
8. What Chew Say
9. Night Rider
10. Hang

Sai Ghose Trio with Special Guest Sean Berry
E-Motion (2004)

Sai Ghose (piano)
Sean Berry (saxophone)
Jerry Wilfong (bass)
Mike Connors (drums)

1. Little Monster
2. The Hope
3. Black Orpheus
4. Only To Depart
5. A Clearer Future
6. E-Motion
7. Round And Square
8. Until Then

Chuck Gabriel Septet
Blueprints (2005)

Chuck Gabriel (bass, compositions)
Sean Berry (tenor saxophone)
Charlie Kohlhase (alto saxophone)
Scott Grant (trombone)
Mark Shilansky (piano)
Lawrence Ku (guitar)
Don Holm (drums)

1. …In Philly…
2. Tools Of Ignorance
3. No Sleep ‘Till Chukagai
4. Coolidge Square
5. Without A Trace
6. Goodbye To All That
7. Do You See The Same Moon
8. Ten Days On A Leaky Boat

Danilo Perez Big Band
Panama Suite (2006)

Danilo Perez (Fender Rhodes, compositions); John Replogle, Gordon Au, Danny Fratina, Gilberto Cervantes (trumpets); Jeff Galindo, Angel Subero, Jason Camelio, Dan Blacksberg (trombones); Dan Blake, Patricia Zarate, Luis Rosa, Petr Cancura, Sean Berry, Michael Duke (saxophones); Gabriel Guerrero (piano); Aldemar Valentin (bass); Ernesto Diaz, Paulo Stagnaro (percussion); Francisco “Pancho” Molina (drums); Paola Vergara, Patricia Zarate, Eleonora Bianchini, Natalia Bernal, Mitzi Dorbu (vocals)

1. Movement I – Awakening / El Despertar
2. Movement II – The Quest / La Busqueda
3. Movement III – The Celebration / Quiero Amanecer

The New Underground
Urban Suite (2007)

Eric Donnelly (drums, compositions)
Sean Berry (saxophone, flute)
Ryan Parker (piano)
Ben Zecker (Hammond B3 organ)
Bridget Kearney (bass)

1. Urban Suite Intro
2. Is The Soul
3. The Uncommon Man
4. In The Midst
5. Ambience
6. Urban Suite
7. Unity
8. Get By
9. Seventh Avenue South
10. Turn The Corner
11. The Autumn Project
12. Passion Dance

Ayn Inserto Orchestra
Muse (2009)

Ayn Inserto (director/composer/arranger); George Garzone (saxophones- guest soloist); Allan Chase, Rick Stone, Kelly Roberge, Sean Berry, Brian Landrus (saxophones); Jeff Claassen, John Replogle, Will Caviness, Matthew Small (trumpets); David Hickok, Tim Lienhard, Chris Gagne, Jennifer Wharton (trombones); Mark Cocheo (guitar); Carmen Staaf (piano); Kendall Eddy (bass); Austin McMahon (drums)

1. Eshel Sketch
2. A Little Brook
3. Vinifera
4. Laced With Love
5. Dear John
6. To Michael Brecker
7. Snow Place Like Home
8. Simple

Brian Friedland’s Rhombus
Rhombus (2010)

Brian Friedland (piano, compositions)
Sean Berry (saxophone)
Phil Sargent (guitar)
Aubrey Johnson (voice)
Mike Connors (drums)
Greg Loughman (bass)

1. 34 Rodman St
2. The Waffle
3. Road Ahead
4. Augmentation
5. Five Against Six
6. Early Serenity
7. Big Crazzle
8. Aquarium

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