A flexibly-peopled group featuring Sean’s music and a few by the other band members.  Vaunce’s regular members are Lefteris Kordis on piano, Kendall Eddy on bass, and Austin McMahon on drums.  Other collaborators have included trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud; saxophonist Petr Cancura; drummers Mike Connors, Tyson Stubelek, and Brian Adler; guitarist Greg Duncan; and bassists Bridget Kearney and Danny Weller.

A collective trio with Tyson Stubelek and Kendall Eddy.

Duo with Lefteris Kordis
An occasional collaboration with one of Sean’s favorite musicians (and human beings) on piano.

As a sideman:

A sextet featuring the music of composer Brian Friedland.  Brian plays piano along with vocalist Aubrey Johnson, guitarist Phil Sargent, drummer Mike Connors, bassist Greg Loughman, and SB on saxophone.

The Makanda Project
A large ensemble formed to champion the previously unpublished, unrecorded compositions of late multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator “Makanda” Ken McIntyre.  A rotating membership includes SB on tenor saxophone and flute; Lance Bryant on tenor and flute; Salim Washington on tenor, wood flute, and oboe; Arni Cheatham on alto, tenor, and flute; Kurtis Rivers on alto saxophone; Charlie Kohlhase on baritone saxophone; Jerry Sabatini on trumpet and flugelhorn; Josiah Woodson on trumpet and flute; Brent Irvine on trumpet and flugelhorn; Robert Stringer on trombone; Bill Lowe on bass trombone and tuba; John Lockwood on bass; and Yoron Israel on drums.  The band is led by John Kordalewski, a former student and collaborator of McIntyre’s, who also fills the roles of pianist and arranger.  Featured guests and collaborators have included saxophonists Oliver Lake, Henry Cook, and Carl Grubbs; drummers Joe Hunt, Royal Hartigan, and Warren Smith; and trombonists Craig Harris and Ku-umba Frank Lacy.

Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra
The vehicle of award-winning composer Ayn Inserto, featuring many notable musicians from the Boston and New York areas.  Saxophonist George Garzone is a frequent featured soloist.

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